no alarm life

Oh my heart.  I can’t tell you how good it felt to go to bed last night and not set an alarm.  I definitely took for granted the five years before this last year where I rarely had to set an alarm because at least one of my kids was an alarm for me…however, they are getting to the age where they can be somewhat self-sufficient in the morning for a bit and thus- I can sleep in.

Did you read that last sentence?  I can sleep in.  When I became a mom, I thought I’d never get to sleep in ever again, unless it was on my husband’s dime (aka: if he gave me the morning off).  But the time is here.  I’m gonna live it up this summer and SLEEP IN LIKE A CHAMP.  For reals.

For like a second I thought perhaps I should wake up earlier and have some alone time before our day started, but then I realized I need to relish this one summer because who knows when another baby is gonna come along and then it’ll be at least a few more years before this whole sleep-in thing comes around again.  I AM TAKING MY CHANCE.  Right now.  And I’m gonna enjoy every second of it.

And if you’re wondering how it works- the short story is- our two year old sleeps in til 9am and since her door is locked from the outside, I feel comfortable being asleep until then if I want to.  The boys get up anywhere from 6:30 (only regan sometimes) to 8:30am and can chill by themselves just fine, thus equalling the greatest summer of my life. lol.

I’m already smiling about tomorrow morning.




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