finding dory and other stuff

I admit, I’m a bad blogger these days.  Perhaps its the summer or perhaps its just a phase of life where I don’t feel inspired to type on a computer screen…who knows.  I don’t feel too bad about it, so that’s good.

I am currently very very excited that a big day has arrived in the Farrell house.  We are taking our boys to their very first movie theatre experience tonight!  We hired a babysitter for Maya because we wanted to be able to really enjoy this outing to see Finding Dory.  All my kids have been obsessed with Finding Nemo at one point or another, and it’s so perfect that their first theatre trip is going to see the sequel.  They already own a few of the new characters- stuffed animal-wise- and a couple sticker books too, so they are well versed in the new names that will be included in Finding Dory.  I’ve already made little treat bags and we even plan on buying popcorn there- even if it’s ridiculously overpriced and terribly unhealthy…they need the whole experience!!

I am also two weeks into our summer and really enjoying it.  Our schedule has not stuck whatsoever but that’s because I didn’t count on the boys sleeping in, so I’m gonna wait another week and see where we land.  The chore/sticker chart however, is grand.  They are almost up to 15 stickers which equals a trip to the store for a toy- it took them about 2 weeks, so I think it’ll work out great for the summer.  We rarely visit stores for toys, but the boys discovered this phenomenon when Bart wisely added that incentive to their dentist visits this year.  So now, they get it.

I am also gearing up to start bullet journaling.  Anyone ever heard of it?  Apparently it’s pretty popular, just ask pinterest or instagram…but I just decided to jump on board- mostly for the habits tracker portion.  I have kept a health journal for the last six months to track each workout, each different diet I try, weight/inches lost, verses and encouragement I receive along this journey to lost 100 pounds and it’s been truly amazing to look back and see the progress so I am inspired to keep track of other things in my life in a similar way.  My journal  arrives today!

I started back up in a book club again and am really enjoying it.  I chose last month’s book and it was a winner- phew!!  Lilac Girls is seriously one of the best books I’ve read in a loooooong time.  It is a WW2 book, but with 3 different women’s perspectives and is unlike any other book from that time period in my opinion.

Our pool is proving to be the best place for us this summer.  I am learning lots of different workouts to use in the water and the kiddos will spend all day out there if we let them.  Last Saturday I think we ate every meal out there and when I took a shower that evening, i literally felt like I was floating.  Perhaps a bit too much time in the pool.  ha!  I finally found a sun hat (it’s this one except blue) that will fit my head (which is large) and even though it’s not a pretty straw hat or an ugly canvas one, it works well enough and I don’t look like a 70 year old tourist in my own pool. Thanking God for the little things.

I am proud to say I finally used my label maker (that I  bought circa 2010) to complete an activity corner for my kiddos.  And this morning I came down from sleeping in (the most glorious part of this summer!) to Josiah and Regan happily playing away with two different bins and even better…when they were done, they put them away without a single reminder.

Ok. Gotta run.  Apparently my daughter has become obsessed with tooth paste and I need to rescue her from whatever happens when one eats too much.  Alas.  Don’t worry, I sent Josi up to stop her while I wrote this last sentence.


One response to “finding dory and other stuff

  1. Wait- so what’s the difference of bullet vs regular journaling? Can’t wait to hear about Finding Dory!! Send pictures! love you guys!

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