randomadical isn’t a word. i just sometimes get tired of just using the word random because it’s probably in 1/4 of my blog posts.  so i made up a new word.  and also i’m skipping capital letters right now.  not sure if that’ll stay for the entire post.  we’ll see.

this made me laugh yesterday…someone’s first week of working at Target.  seriously just click on it. do it.

i am loving my bullet journal.  it’s seriously addicting and so helpful for developing habits.  i might dedicate a whole blog post to it soon.  stay tuned.

also am intrigued by this technique for cleaning pots and pans… anyone tried it yet?

i may perhaps talk about this candle every single fall, but it’s worth the words…i haven’t tired of it yet, and i think i’ve been repurchasing Aunt Sadie’s apple pie candle for over ten years now.  best fall scent there is.  worth every penny.

I found this motherhood advice on a blog and it made me so thankful that someone once told me- ‘just be excited to see them every single day’.  Also- I remember feeling bad for my babies that I didn’t constantly chatter on at them about everything and nothing.  But after awhile I realized that it was okay to just be me.  “In the early days, I wish someone would have told me, “Calm down, sister.” As a new mom, I tried really hard to nail parenting. I may or may not have created a Power Point of masterpiece art with developmentally appropriate talking points for my infant. At the time I thought, “I’m not good at small talk. And you are supposed to constantly talk to infants to stimulate their vocabulary, right?” I didn’t want to miss opportunities for enrichment or growth.  If I were parenting anew, I would know to lean in. Be brave in the silence, love is enough. Just light up when they enter the room. That is all.” Written by Sara Laurel, on Design Mom blog.

in other news…I discovered that a Twix spread exists…think nutella but without the hazelnuts (which i despise) and add caramel and cookie bits?!?!?  Are you kidding me??  However, sadly it looks like its only available in the UK.  sad.  So sabrina, if you’re reading, try it for me!

i would love one of these twirly dresses for maya…but alas, i need a sale.  she has actually been requesting dresses these days, i fear soon that’s all she’ll tolerate.  so i’m pushing through the tears some days to make sure she won’t say no to jeans forever.  i don’t know how much longer i have.  she likes to twirl.

one of my favorite artists/companies (Rifle Paper Co) is having a little sale…if my husband had a job and i could order something, i’d love to grab this sweet little ice-cream print for maya’s room.  but there’s not really any decor in her room right now bc she takes everything off the walls so i’m not too pressed. ha.  for now, i’m using some of the wrapping paper/cards as inspiration for paintings…thinking fall and winter motifs.  so far i’ve painted the first coat of five different canvases.  let’s hope i keep going.

and that’s all folks.  sending a big shout out to my husband who just whisked the boys off on an adventure so i can enjoy a little quiet time while maya naps.  you’re the best, barty!




One response to “randomadical

  1. I can barely type after reading about the Target Guy’s first week at work. I am dyin’!!!! Thanks for the hearty laugh.

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