most boring post ever.

You would think that with more time on my hands these days (boys in school, husband unemployed) I would be able to write more in this little space of mine, but alas… I am showing up less and less.

Case in point I’m trying to type this deep blog post and I’m hearing The Little Mermaid in one ear and my husband’s voice on the phone in my other ear and there’s no space to type.  These are the moments I wish this was a laptop and I could run away to another place. ha.

Anyway, aside from still holding onto hope that God has got us…which I’m daily thankful that He is leading us in this time…I’ve been dealing with random health issues such as shoulder pain, a root canal and next week…a tooth extraction.  Not anything I would choose to be included in my life at the moment, but in some ways the timing has worked out well because Bart is able to take over completely while I lay in bed.  Netflix and books have become my best buddies.

In between ailments I have gotten to use this free time to get things done that I wouldn’t otherwise.  I finally organized 2 years worth of outgrown boy clothes and started Maya’s baby book (ha! just 3 years behind).  I’ve read more books in this past month than probably the past year combined.  I started going to yoga.  My oldest started soccer…which I’m already tired of but November will be here before I know it (I heard that’s the end of the season).  I made a huge list of dinner options in my bullet journal but sadly that hasn’t translated to better meal-planning and executing cooked meals.  I get to sleep in pretty often still, even though school is happening thanks for my lovely husband.

I cannot believe it’s the end of September though.  What the heck?

Slow down Fall.  I want to savor this.


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