thoughts that pop in my head.

Currently. I’m dizzy. I’m having ear problems, and if I stand or sit or move in any way for more than 2 seconds I get dizzy…and if I’m dizzy for very long I get nauseous.  Super helpful to daily life, or not.  This is just day 2.  I’m hoping its the end.

In other news- we have one kid in school!  Hallelujah!  Josiah is loving being back in first grade and Regan is dying to get back to a desk too.  They have to be in different schools due to the pre-k being full at Jos’s school, so I am dragging my feet to get Regs registered…and hoping miraculously I’ll get a call that says there’s an opening.  Ha.

Just found out I have to take a test to get a California license…so I may not do that for awhile.  Confession: when I lived here 13 years ago, I never got a Cali license or new plates. I’ll be okay.

I won a giveaway today!  Second time in my life…and both times have been amazing.  One of my favorite artists Lindsay Letters gave away a free canvas…so I chose the most amazing black and white flowered giant canvas.  I’ve wanted some larger art of hers forever, and for christmas my parents generously gifted me a canvas with one of my favorite verses on it (Psalm 27:4) and then a few weeks later, I win a free one too!?!  It definitely made this dreary (because of the rain) and dizzy (because of my ear) day A LOT better.

It snowed here on Saturday- which apparently doesn’t happen very often.  Our movers laughed when they unloaded the snow shovel from our moving truck…but then, heck a week later- it snowed.  Of course, it only lasted the day but seeing snow on a cactus is a bit trippy.  And I’m actually super thankful that snow isn’t a regular occurrence.  I only like the initial snowed-in excitement for about a day and then since I freak out when driving in it, it’s not all that great to live with.  Alas.

We went to church on sunday- first time at bethel- and it was awesome!  I’m sure it would have been better had my ear not been draining and dealing with partial deafness…but so glad we made it. It’s big but I have hope that we will find out place.

No job for Barty yet, pray!  He did don a suit for the first time in forever on Monday and dropped in on some banks and other businesses hoping to make some connections, so we’re just trusting that his job will show up.  Soon would be nice.

I’m getting used to the reusable bag situation (as I previously posted about) and I actually think it makes me buy less.  For now.  Rediscovering Tillamook ice cream, because it’s always been the best.  Truly.  We’ve tried two chinese deliveries so far and one was definitely better than the other…haven’t found good pizza yet.

Only looking at two boxes left to unpack and they are nonessential, which is why I keep staring at them instead of opening them.

Also discovered that living in the middle of nowhere Northern Cali means online shopping deliveries take so. much. longer.  You know when the shipping says 4-9 business days?  Well…in NJ (obviously we lived very close to major cities, etc..) it would only ever take 4 days, sometimes even less.  Here…it’s like pushing 9 days and possibly longer.  Bizarre!  I guess I gotta get used to it.  And I shouldn’t be online shopping anyway these days..

Maya has been wearing her newest Cinderella dress (thanks uncle aaron/aunt erika) for the last 2 weeks religiously.  Sometimes I can get other clothes underneath, but mostly it’s just an itchy tulle blue gown that she trounces around in…naps included.  So, she hasn’t lost her princess ways- east coast, west coast- doesn’t matter.

Well alright. My sitting limit has been reached.  I’m so dizzy I am kinda seeing double.



One response to “thoughts that pop in my head.

  1. Dizzy, dizzy, go away..
    Come again never!
    Sorry for the dizzy spells! Thank you for the update-itchy tulle and all!
    Praying for the best job ever for Bart!!!!

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