we drove across the USA

*i wrote the first half of this post the week after we drove across the US in December…and then finished it this week.*

*If you ever need to drive across the United States, take my kids- they were so easy.  I mean, I really enjoy my kids most of the time but even I was nervous to spend an entire week stuck in a car with them.  They were CHAMPS.  Me, on the other hand, don’t include me in your travels.  I whine and complain and get bored very quickly.  Our dog even did better than me.

I will admit, I am still in shock at how smooth our cross country journey went.  Even as I write, I am in awe of the goodness of God.  His kindness is overwhelming- for reals!!!  I just keep thinking He really knows me…He knew that after such a whirlwind move, the last thing I could tackle was a difficult week-long drive.  Ha!  He’s the best.

3,300 miles.  14 states.  7 days total.

Last Saturday we packed up our entire home into a truck and as soon as the door was latched, we jumped in our very-loaded car and drove to Pittsburgh…arriving roughly at 1am.  I knew we’d have enough adrenaline from our move to get that far in the same day, but it was pretty exhausting.

We all slept in, so the next day we got on the road by 10am and ended up in St. Louis eleven hours later.  The day flew by shockingly and I think there was only one dvd involved.  Our 90 lb lab settled in nicely in the only spot left for her, behind the driver/passenger seats and our kids were enamored with their backpacks ‘o fun.***

Okay…so sadly you don’t get a play by play anymore, because that’s where I left off back in December- but I am still in awe that we not only survived a drive across the country, we thrived.  Weird.  So miraculous.  So God.  Our quick stop in Kansas City to be with best friends was super needed and re-energized us completely.  And then we did 3 more full days of driving…9-12 hours a day in the car and we only ever fully stopped for lunch each day.  Then Bart and I would switch drivers when we got gas and maybe twice the entire time a kid would need a bathroom…bizarre…as I write this, I’m like- am I lying?  Ha!  No…I promise.

The other really cool God thing was that several times as we left a stop, bad weather was on its way there.  We ended up “just missing” several snow storms, a frozen KC tundra, and more…it was crazy!  The only real snow we hit was near Pendleton, Oregon and that was on our very last day.

Our itinerary below: Brick, NJ-Pittsburg, PA-St. Louis, MO-Kansas City, MO-Ft. Collins, CO-Boise, Idaho-Port Angeles, WA.  PHEW.  Then of course, ten days later we drove from Port Angeles, WA down the coast to Redding, CA (that was just 11 hours and 650 more miles- and seemed so easy comparatively).

Needless to say, we were and are glad to be settled in our little rental here in NorCal.  It’s been fun exploring and getting to know our new home.  Come visit!


a ghetto picture of a computer screen map…this is our trip though 🙂


we emptied our entire NJ house onto the lawn.  and then it all fit into that truck.  except for a few things we left behind.


tried to add a little christmas wherever we could…


brinks did amazing…


our stop in KC with some besties was exactly what we all needed!


lots of “notels” as regan called them..the boys actually did ok sharing a bed.  maya however, reverted back to a packnplay. win some. lose some.


lots and lots of open road…


she slept a little each day


and we held hands a lot…


when we finally hit washington. beauty.


and finally to my parents home!!! it felt so good and so surreal.


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