randomania #348

I randomly find myself decorating our house for Christmas in my head and dreaming up paint projects that I should do right this minute for December?!  Weird.  I’m guessing its the direct result of skipping Christmas last year.  Never again.

Bart started work this week- which should have been amazingly momentous for me as well, but alas, we are all sick and so…I did good for one day but not today.  Now I’ve realized that my sickness might be compounded with seasonal allergies- which I forgot that I get once every time I move to a new place.  Alas.  Just popped a benadryl and might not finish this post.  Ha.

I’m sending one kid to school tomorrow if it kills me.  Josiah is finally better enough and while I hate the thought of waking up early to take him, it needs to be done.  With grandparents and sickness, he’s been out over a week.  Oops.

Speaking of grandparents- we had a great time with them last week!  The highlight was definitely Burney Falls, which I’d never heard of.  It’s only an hour away and is the most beautiful giant waterfalls…amazing, seriously stunning.  My boys weren’t super impressed; the picnic that followed had their hearts.  But Maya is still talking about the waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls…she’s a parrot on repeat like, tenfold.


Burney Falls…seriously beautiful.  LOVE!  If you visit me, I’ll take you here.

So we also got to enjoy a hotel pool since my parents stayed in a nearby hotel…I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want to be stuffed into our already small house.  ha.  It was great and terrible to be at the pool…wonderful bc the kids loved it but it also made me sad…I miss our backyard pool…gosh we were so spoiled.  Anyway, it was lovely to explore a new town with my parents and I think they were quite impressed with Northern California.

It’s great too, because I get to see them again in a month…as we are planning on making the trek up north for Spring Break/Easter.  I haven’t been home for Easter in probably ten years or more, so I’m very excited!  My kids will get to experience my dad’s resurrection hunt for the first time and my family will get to see Maya’s Easter dress in person.  LOL.  Yes, that’s really the funnest part of Easter besides Jesus resurrecting- you think I’m kidding.

I just bagged up over 1/2 the kids toys yesterday.  I don’t think they realize their toys exist now that we don’t have a playroom.  Plus we’ve been terrible with screen time so I need to put a lockdown on that soon…after we are not sick any longer.  But yeah, it’s bizarre…Regan is the only one who consistently plays with toys- and his rotation includes transformers and super wings and the occasional car.  Thankfully the weather has been beautiful and they’ve been outside a lot the past few weeks.

Josiah and I made his planet for school today- Uranus.  It’s pretty pathetic but heck, he did it himself, so I am proud of that.  He still has to write his report and draw the thing…but at least the 3d model is finished.  Phew!

My mom brought me the most beautiful thing last week…her mint green typewriter!!!!  I SO CANNOT WAIT to play with it..and use it as pretty decoration someday too- if we get a bigger house…with a spare side table. Ha.  But it’s so pretty.  If I had a picture of it, I’d upload it this instant.  Thanks A MILLION mom.















One response to “randomania #348

  1. Yeahhh can’t wait to see Maya’s dress! Do you already have their outfits picked? And I think the last time you were home for Easter was when I broke my leg- 2006, and you flew over to eat cadbury eggs and paint my toenails 😉

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