just a few little things…

Gosh.  My last post was 25 days ago.  This poor little blog is feeling neglected, but I just can’t bring myself to write.  There’s not a ton to fill these pages right now… a lot on the horizon but nothing happening at the moment, except little things…

…getting excited to really spoil Josiah for his 7th birthday.  His Christmas was kind of a dud, even though he never said a word about it- I just know.  And the big news on the block is that it’s finally time to introduce legos.  Leave it to my rainbow lovin’ first born to choose the Legos that are crazy and full of color- I love it!  I’m also psyched to order a butterfly kit, where he’ll be able to watch 5 butterflies go through their whole lifecycle.  He LOVES butterflies and crafts…I went thru the amazon craft section and could have literally put everything in my cart.  He’s so fun.

…also just tonight, we added scooters to our outdoor activity regime.  In truth, all our bikes have died basically, and scooters seem fun and easy.  So- they are debuting tomorrow and I’ll let you know if they’re a hit.

…all the grocery store flowers I bought the other week when we hosted people for dinner have died…but i’m discovering tons of roses in our backyard and they smell so heavenly. I’m trying not to cut them down all the time because I love seeing them outside, but gosh, they are so tempting.  Jos wants to bring them all to me, but for now I limit him to dandelions.

…no more school for regan.  his preschool was finishing mid-may and my parents are kindly coming to watch our chicks while we jet off to the glorious shores of jersey, so I thought i’d save us a few bucks and end preschool early.  but it is making me realize it’ll be a long long summer.  One word for the wise: if you ever own a house with a pool…never move into another house without a pool.  especially when you’re far from the ocean.

…i’ve discovered perler beads again…you know, the little tiny beads you arrange into cute shapes and iron to melt together?  Yes- and you might think i’m letting my boys partake, but no.  It’s just for me.  I’m making quotes with them…only problem is that I never unpacked my iron, so who knows when they will actually ever be made.  Sad.

…does anyone know when the new iPhone is coming out?  i’m holding out for the 8 because i read a (probably bogus) article that it would be debuting in the fall.  Anyone?

…today was SUCH a long day (read: josiah had a day off and I was tired) that I actually willingly gave my kids baths.  If you know me…you know, that had to be a bad day.

…but tomorrow is a fresh start.  Right Jesus?


One response to “just a few little things…

  1. So I read ‘chicks’ and was like, ‘What?! Is she farming now?’ Bahahaha! Rest assured I figured it out by the second read of your blog. Must be my preggo brain! Hope you guys have fun in Jersey!!!!

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