happy mothers day

Since it’s May… which is almost the middle of the year- I thought it was a perfect time to assess my new years resolutions.  Ok, in truth, my son brought home a mothers day gift for me and it sent fireworks flashing through my heart.  I won’t transcribe the entire card, but it was a fill-in-the-blank type…and the line that caught me by surprise was this one:

My mom always says _______________.

Are you cringing?  I was, until I read his answer.  I could easily rattle off a dozen things I always say, and undoubtedly most would not be of the pleasant variety.  Especially regarding this young lad who I adore, even when I have to guide him back to earth a hundred times a day.  Josiah, come here…Josiah, stop…Josiah, turn off your light, Josiah, no..not right now…later…can you please not sit entirely on top of me…no, i think i’m done learning science facts for now…and the list goes on and on.

Yet, this year- the year 2017 where my sole resolution for the year was “Just say yes“… I got a sweet ‘atta-girl’ from Jesus through my dearest first born son.  His mothers day card to me said, “My mom always says yes.”


Hallelujah!  God is good.  My mothers days has already been made.  I mess up a lot on this motherhood journey, but this week my son remembers that I say yes.  And that is enough for me.

Happy Mothers Day to my mother dearest and to the two mothers who sacrificially gave so that I could be a mom.  Love you forever.



4 responses to “happy mothers day

  1. 🙌🙌🙌

  2. Love!

  3. That’s sooo beautiful!! Love that God gave you confirmation and encouragement through Josi!! LOVE You!! Happy Mother’s Day to one of my very favorites!!

  4. Was the rest funny? Sweet? I want to see more!!

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