josiah is 7.

*Seven is significant.  I can just feel it.  This year is gonna be big for you buddy.*

Happy 7th Birthday Josiah Henry!  Today we celebrate you with rainbows, trolls and butterflies…as you requested around January 3.  You are always one to look ahead, yet you are the same one who gets lost in the moment over and over again.  This year was definitely one of big changes and growth- and you took each challenge in stride.

We moved across the country and you accepted all of it with such grace.  You are doing your best at sharing a bedroom with your looney bro- it’s a good thing you’re so patient.  You jumped right into a brand new first grade class with excitement…declaring you are friends with almost everyone- you don’t claim favorites.  But you do in other things…like colors.  I love that your favorite colors are still pink and red.  I love that you tried choosing pink and purple glasses just this week, after your leopard print ones bit the dust.  Sadly, you had to settle for cool honey colored (as you call them) ones instead.  If I let you pick out your own clothes, you often try for monochromatic outfits…one day is red, one day is blue…you’d probably try that all the time if I wasn’t so picky.  Ha!

I love that you’ve become more confident in hearing God’s voice.  Your heart is so tender towards the Lord and He is so proud of you.  You are confident in His love and who He has made you…it’s amazing to watch you trust Him.  It seems so natural, so effortless and I pray that it will be this way all of your days.  I love watching you learn about God and discover more of who He is.  Your curiosity and fear of the Lord are both gifts I want to emulate.  I’m so thankful for your tenderness…you are so humble and kind.

You are still such a wonderful big brother.  You give and give and give.  You encourage and serve…rarely saying no when asked to help.  I love watching you teach your siblings, most often just simply by example.  You are so peaceful, even when you’re crazy.  You’ve mastered bathroom cleaning (the best!) and chapter books and sleeping in.  Your sense of humor is maturing, and it’s fun to see you understand my jokes and weirdness.  You have the best poses for pictures and dancing is a daily ritual for you.  This year you’ve discovered legos and I’ve finally given in…but I love that you only want the rainbow colored ones.  You are unique and special and so so colorful.  You, my son, are a priceless treasure.  I am so grateful that I get to spend my days with you…even if you won’t let me kill a spider because it’s God’s creature.

Happy 7th birthday my dearest, handsome, wonderfullest son,

Love your co- wheel-a-fortune gamer, mommy



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