my son is buying kindle books and can’t read.

It’s almost 11pm right now, and as I type I am simultaneously waiting for amazon chat to issue refunds for 3 kindle books I apparently downloaded tonight while I wasn’t even near a device to do so.  I got an email telling me that one of the books At Home in the World: Reflections on Belonging While Wandering the Globe and successfully arrived and did a double take.  I couldn’t for the life of me remember wanting that book, let alone buying it.  And then I remembered we let our sweet middle child get a turn in our bed to fall asleep (our boys are not good room sharers, as in they don’t fall asleep very well together).  Usually it’s Josiah in our room until Regan falls asleep but we thought we’d switch it up for an evening.

Sometimes I forget the curiosity of one regan ocean…that little rascal.  So first I thought to myself ‘that’s lame- but it’s $8 and i’m tired’ but thankfully I checked my amazon orders instead of chalking one up to crazy reegs.  Turns out he bought two other books tonight- both at high prices- one entitled Radical Candor: Be a Kick-A$$ Boss Without Losing Your Humanity and it was at that moment I became thankful that he can’t actually read yet.  Phew!  The last chosen book The Light We Lost looked to be a romantical tale…not my cup of tea either…geez.  He was a busy little bee tonight.

Just in case you’re wondering, you can get refunds on digital orders.  I was nervous they wouldn’t, because well…if I was some genius who reads fast, I guess I could have downed at least one of those books in 2 hours.  But never fear, amazon chat to the rescue- my favorite form of customer service by far- the chat window.  God bless em.  I wish medical offices would offer those.  Oh, I just saw a message that her return requests came through…so my $ is on the way home- hooray!

Anyway- now that I’ve basically finished a post, I guess I can fill in some gaps…this week is the official start to summer.  Last week Josiah had a little school and then we started potty training (I saw we meaning: Josiah, Regan and I as the teachers…Maya the student) because they were super helpful and great.  She was rocking it all for several days and I was feeling so good- my apathy had paid off…until I made the mistake of adding undies to the mix… accident city.  So, we headed back to commando land but I realized I can’t be quarantined for much longer without losing my sanity.  Tomorrow starts hardcore underwear training…whatever that means.

We have a babysitter now- hallelujah!!  She is starting tomorrow and coming to my rescue once a week for 4 hours…glorious!  I also got things rolling for the boys to attend Bethel’s children’s choir camp since I keep striking out on VBS dates all over town.  It starts in a few weeks, right after I get home from my sister getaway in Bend, Oregon.  Bend is exactly 5 hours for both of us to drive, so we’re meeting in the middle.  I can’t wait!

Okay, I’m seriously just rambling.  so boring.  My bed is calling.



One response to “my son is buying kindle books and can’t read.

  1. That’s seriously hilarious!! Were the covers pretty awesome looking??

    Can’t wait for our weekend!!! And children’s choir camp?? Oh my goodness– that’s so awesome! I want to watch them perform!!!

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