DSC_0210I’m Krista…just a girl, freshly planted on the west coast, in a small town called Redding.  I love Jesus, a cute man named Bart, and three incredible gifts- my children.  I love capturing life through the lens of this journal, even if no one reads it.  I’m random yet organized, simple but complicated, and laugh even when there’s nothing funny.  I strive to be honest in this space, as I share anecdotes and life here in my little blog.



4 responses to “me

  1. hey–
    So what about some more blog spots?? 😉 Keep on writing sismo!

  2. i love this and you! write on!!!!

  3. There once was a girl named Krista
    She had a fantastic Sis-ta
    She married a young jersey surfer
    Who promised he would always lov-her
    Along came a gift named Josiah Henry
    And the rest will soon be HIS-story.
    Love from Dear Adult Dad
    That is all the poetry he will ever have had. 🙂

  4. Hi Krista!
    My name is Julie and this is going to sound so random but I was searching for Jess Regan(Cotton) online to try to reconnect with her. We were roommates our freshman year at Messiah College and I lost touch with her after I left. I ended up on your blog through Google… and well, if you know how I can get in touch with her, that would be fun!

    Thanks …Julie

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