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happy fathers day

I want my children to grow up and be who God has intended for them to be…but so often I find myself hoping and praying that they hold fast to the traits that make their father great.  I don’t want mini barts because I love their own unique personalities, but there are qualities I hope will stick.

Which ones you might wonder?

Honesty.  Bart is the most honest man I’ve ever known.  Trust is heavily linked to honesty obviously- and I love that he is so trustworthy.  He’s dependable and real and values truth so strongly.  Oh, I hope our children are that honest.

Humility.  Bart exudes humility even when he thinks he’s being prideful.  He might roll his eyes at this, but I’ve never met someone who desires humility more than he does.  He is constantly checking his heart and his motives- even when everything seems fine.

Righteous.  I don’t need our children to be perfect- Lord knows we aren’t.  But what I love about Bart is that he strives for righteousness.  He isn’t content to live status quo, or “good enough”…he is always looking for more.  He wants to go deeper in God because he knows that more God is more love and that lead to righteousness.

Humor.  If our children are half as hilarious as Barty, they are golden.  Not only does he have a genuine sense of how to make people laugh, he knows when to use it in the most serious of situations.  Laughter can diffuse so much tension and mend so much frustration in a moment.  He’s brilliant.  Our marriage is better because he’s funny.

Kindness.  It’s rare to find a man who is so in tune with what is going on around them.  I don’t mean to stereotype, but so many men are pretty aloof and they don’t see past what’s right in front of them.  This is a round about way to get to kindness, but I know that Bart’s heart for others stems from his sensitive heart- and the way he cares for others is so kind.   He is sweet and thoughtful and I already see this developing in my sons.  What a gift.

Servant.  I don’t know another man who serves his wife like Bart does.  While I wish I was the all american house wife of old, clearly I am not.  Bart cleans our house, does laundry, dishes, changes diapers and everything in between…plus his full time job.  He serves relentlessly and does so much without even being asked- he’s my hero.  I am so thankful that our children get to see such a wonderful example if they ever want to get married.

I could keep going and going…but I have many more fathers days to come.

You are my favorite Bart.  Happy Fathers Day my dearest!

And Happy Father’s Day to my own dad- the one I got so many qualities from myself.  I am so thankful you are my dad… I couldn’t have picked a better one.

Love, Krista


the father

When I married Bart almost 8 years ago, I knew I was getting an incredible man.  I knew he was kind and compassionate, full of honesty and integrity.  I knew he was the funniest man I’d ever met and that he had such a zeal for the Lord that sometimes I wanted to punch him out- in a good way.  I knew he was sensitive and strong, sweet and handsome.

But I didn’t get to see the gems hidden below his surface until our first baby came along.  Bart has a way with babies…and it’s so precious to watch.  Some men shy away from the newborn/infant stage, but he doesn’t.  He jumps right in and has taught me so much along the way.  My favorite memories are of the way he tenderly figures out what each of our new babies likes, whether it be rubbing the nose, a butt pat, rocking, singing…you name it, he tries it and then lets me know the perfect tricks.

Just this week, I watched him with Maya…his tenderness is beyond compare- he loves her in a way that I cannot.  He wraps her up in his big strong arms and she knows…she is his.  I have said it jokingly, but I really believe that he is Maya’s favorite.  She searches him out in a room, she lights up when she hears his voice and comes alive at the sight of his smile.  I don’t blame her.  The way he patiently waits to figure her out is such a sweet example to me.

Yes, Bart is an amazing dad to all our children, but lately, I’ve been in awe of the way he tenderly loves our sweet baby girl.  It’s a gift.  I’ve never claimed to have it all together in any area of my life, but mothering has been one area I fail at constantly.  I’m human, and I am trusting the Lord to redeem my shortfalls…but I do know that redemption often comes in one instant.  The moment my sweet husband plucks our little daughter from her crib and rocks her to sleep, showering her with kisses as he soothingly speaks love over her…I don’t have to fear- our children know love.  They have been blessed with a dad who knows his Father, and trusts in Him completely.

Bart reminds me consistently of the way the Father loves me.  I have been blessed to grow up with a wonderful dad who still loves me deeply…even 34 years later.   He has always been an amazing example of how my heavenly Father loves me.  But as I watch Bart parent, it gives me yet another view of who God is- and how tender my Father is with me.  I am so grateful that my children get to grow up with this view in front of them.

Thank you dad for loving me so well.

Thank you Bart for loving our children so incredibly.

Happy Fathers Day to my favorite men.  I love you.

miss you.

Today I woke up and immediately launched into a funk.  I wasn’t sure what the heck was the matter…but after a few hours I realized- I was sad because Bart was leaving for a few days for work.  Back in Kansas City, when he had to fly away every other week; I’d try soo hard to resist the pre-leave funk and most times it worked.  But if I don’t battle against it- it comes like an old friend…or enemy.

When I think about it, I have nothing to grumble about.  The man I once watched leave every other Sunday for many days now only leaves once every couple months…and it’s usually just a couple nights.  So gosh darn it, why the heck do I feel so sad today?

He left a few minutes ago.  And I just have this lonely feeling in my stomach.  Poor me.  Yes, this is totally a feel sorry for me post.  But what I really need to dwell on, is the gift of having him around so. much. more than we used to.  Praise Jesus!

I’m gonna grab the boys and drive to the ocean.

i could celebrate this day often

I wrestle every Fathers day whether to write a post about my dad or my husband and always end up with something shared.  But this year I’ve decided to break the mold and just write about the man who fathers my children.  (Dad- I love you to pieces and I know you know that!!)

Daddy.  The word our sons use to get my husband’s attention.  Sometimes Josiah also uses “Bark” which I find extremely hilarious and perhaps is why it’s ever repeated.  I see how Josiah and Regan look at their daddy and it amazes me.  And it excites me- that these precious boys get to grow up with such an incredible God-fearing man as their father.

Daddy.  He is a joy bringer.  He is always excited to see us when he comes home.  He knows how to make each one of us laugh on a dime.  And it’s different for every one of us.  It’s precious.  It’s family.

Daddy.  He aligns his heart with his heavenly Father so often that it brings peace to our home.  He pays attention to his sons and fills needs before they are even requested.  What I know is that our boys feel so loved and affirmed and treasured by their daddy…and that makes me more thankful than anything else.  For I know that they will relate to God through a lense of who their earthly father is…and just as I have- it’s a clearer picture because of the wonderfulness of a dad who loves Jesus so well.

Thank you Bart, for being the perfect blend of weird and cool…for always listening to Holy Spirit…and loving me and your boys so amazingly.

Happy Fathers Day.

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hunka hunka burnin love.

*I totally titled this post “My best friend” and then…well…I just can’t even explain what came over me.

Here it is: the end of the month.  I don’t think I did as much as I wanted in the way of posting about my honey…but it’s better than most months.

He’s my best friend.  I can’t imagine life without him.  The way his eyes wrinkle up when he smiles…his quirky dancing that Josiah has started emulating…the way he serves me relentlessly.

I don’t deserve to be married to such an incredible man.  But God gave me His best.  And he is my favorite person, my greatest friend in the world.

I love you Barty, to the moon and back.  the mostest.

We got engaged on this trip to Panama...he actually wore this helmet in the airport.  My kind of dork.

We got engaged on this trip to Panama ’06…he actually wore this helmet in the airport. My kind of dork.


“A soft answer turns away wrath.”  Proverbs 15:1

Bart has all but mastered the art of a soft answer.  I am dramatic, I am rash at times, I am …let’s just say “not soft” often.  I come at him with guns blazin’ and he is so quick to holster his and offer kindness, a listening ear, a funny quip to ease the tension…the benefit of the doubt, the opposite of a defensive answer.  It’s really quite amazing.  And even in the middle of it, I sometimes am in awe.  Is he seriously not going to get riled up?  Incredible.

Sometimes I think that the key to a peaceful marriage is this verse, is a soft answer.  I am clueless really, but I think this definitely plays a huge role in why our marriage is so awesome.  I am so thankful that Holy Spirit is in my husband and that I get to witness this first hand.  So many arguments never even get off the ground because the soft answer squelches the spark- the fire never had a chance.  God is so good.

I love you to the moon and back Barty.

his style

I love my husband’s style.  I think it’s adorable that he cares about what he wears.  I’ve never once looked at him as we’re headed out and thought…oh dear, that’s way off.  And he is kind enough to keep his mouth closed when he wonders about my outfits. heheh… I appreciate that.

So, Bart has gone through a bit of a metamorphis.  Before I met him, he was the preppy shore guy who wore a different kind of pant every day and lots of button downs and blazers (bleh!).  But he was slowly moving into the surfer, relaxed look when we started hanging out.  A few years later he stopped wearing most of the plethora of tees with huge logos splashed all over and now has settled into a minimalist look…plain tees, simple and stylish.  In the last year he did branch out into some plaid button downs which are super cute on him…now I am waiting for the colored jeans.  JUST KIDDIN.  Well, no, I’m not kidding, but I do know he will never move that far left.

It’s been a learning process for me- to figure out what he would like.  I rarely go out on a limb and just pick something…bc he’ll usually return it, graciously.  And I don’t mind, because I do the exact same thing- poor guy.  But this last Christmas I actually chose a Jcrew button down that he loved…I was psyched- only took me 6 years.

Anyway, this post sounds a lot like it’s more about me and than him…oops.  I just really like his style.  He’s just so darn cute.  Anyway- I thought I’d put together a little list of everything I’d buy for him if I found a money tree- I love you, my stylin man.

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