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Summer Goals

I am not a huge goal-oriented person.  Sometimes I see them as a to-do list and get overwhelmed.  But for fun I thought I’d give myself something to aim for this summer.  We’ll see what happens.

Krista’s Super Amazing List of Summer Possibilities

1.  Take a picture every time we go to the beach.

2.  Spend at least one moment on the beach every time thanking God that He let me be here, at the ocean.  I am still in awe- every time.

3.  Go outside with my kids.

4.  Take walks- lots of them- as a family or just with friends (and the boys).

5.  Be hospitable- invite people to our house as much as we can.

6.  Drink more iced coffee and read through the New Testament twice.

7.  Finish decorating the house- so the boxes can go away.

8.  Grill as much as possible.

9.  Buy a dining room table that I can’t live without.

10.  Get a pedicure.

11.  Finish potty training.

12.  Tame Regan’s hair.

13.  Meet new people.

14.  Watch Bart surf, often.

15.  Do Insanity workouts 3x/week.


mothers day gifts

It’s time for a distraction.  I am ready to share my Mother’s Day gift ideas…I like days that are designed for more specialness- and it has been recently confirmed that gifts are seriously still my love language.  Through this grieving process- the gifts have meant the most…which is so weird, because you’d think the time spent and acts of service would be huge in this time.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for everything people have done to love on us- my second love language- words of affirmation has been filled to the brim thanks to so many texts/emails from afar.  All that to say, it feels so good to be loved.

pretty unique flowers

pretty unique flowers

I realize this list is rather random.  I mean, I’m not sure how many moms would appreciate a rag rug or a string of vintage lights…so perhaps it’s not a universal list.  But it made me smile as I created it, so for that I am thankful.

move over lipstick

Okay…so a few months back I was obsessed with finding a lipstick…something that I’ve never worn in my life but thought I needed to give a try.  Well- forget that, it didn’t work.  Burt’s Bees chapstick will be mine forever.  The end.

New chapter: nail polish.  It’s the weirdest thing.  For as long as I can ever remember I have hated wearing nail polish on my fingernails.  I really like getting pedicures which is why I always wonder how it takes me 6 months to make an apt for one…but never ever pay for manicures.  And I think before a few weeks ago I owned 2 nail polishes total.  Enter Essie chinchilly polish- a beautiful gray toned bottle of prettiness that I met at the Favorite Things party I went to last month.

Since that day I have been obsessed.  I bought a seafoam green color next and then bright lavender and at this very moment I have a very very bright coral color on my fingernails!?!?!  It’s absolutely bewildering.  Besides the fact that I only ever liked french manicures and light pink on them… I am shaking my head at the fact that I now drool over the brightest colors of polish that exist.  Plus I am painting my own nails these days- which I realized is kinda the way to go because with two kids who has time to get manicures.  Although I’m kinda excited to get one someday now that I like having my finger nails painted.

Oh and I found this really cool top coat that is matte.  Yes, it totally takes away the shine of the polish and makes it dull…well, in a cool way.  Okay, so all that to say, I am obsessed.  for reals.  It hit me how odd this is when my mom commented on a picture of mine- asking if the green painted nail was mine and adding that she’d never seen my nails painted, ever.  It’s true.

I even filled a fake online cart today of all the colors I would buy if I could-

Essie Blue and Green Nail Polish Shades

Essie Blue and Green Nail Polish Shades

Essie Coral Nail Polish Shades

Essie Coral Nail Polish Shades

Essie Pink Nail Polish Shades

Essie Neutral Nail Polish Shades

Essie Pink Nail Polish Shades

Essie Pink Nail Polish Shades

  •  PANSY
Essie Pink Nail Polish Shades

Essie Wedding Collection 2012 (.46 fl oz)

Essie Mirror Metallics Collection

Essie Winter Collection 2012


my favorite things

Perhaps this post is spurred on by the Favorite Things party I attended this weekend- seriously such a fun idea for a night- and it speaks my love language: gifts.  Google “Favorite Things parties” if you have no idea what I’m talking about.  Already planning the next one in my head.

Anyway- I thought it might be fun to make a random list of some of my favorite things these days…I think I’ll include stuff I own and don’t yet own…companies…etc.  We’ll see where the road leads.

Rifle Paper Co.  This shop is a.dor.a.ble.  I think my sister first introduced me to it- but I’ve fallen head over heels.  I love their notepads and cards…and I’m contemplating their wrapping paper- thinking about framing one of the wraps as art instead of using it as intended.  There is a recipe box that is debuting this spring and even though I don’t even use recipe cards anymore- I want it.  Ps.  Anthropologie and The Papery carry some of these products.

Decor books  Recently I have become obsessed with pretty books- mostly about Flea market style bookdecorating.  I fill my amazon cart with these beautiful hardcover books and then I press the save-for-later button on them all.  My lovely valentine did get me a couple last week though…and they are so fun.  There is also a magazine that comes out 2x/year called Flea Market Style– and it’s by far my favorite.  You can order it online or find in select stores.


Fresh Lip Sugar Treatment is the bomb. I’ve decided it’s my end to my lipstick search- its kinda more of a tinted chapstick and it tastes like lemonade. Pricey but delicious.

Free Vintage posters is a cool website I found that well..kinda speaks for 910f1d1bf5302a5077f9b1b1d4612d20itself.  I’ve been searching for cheap/free artwork for the boy’s big boy rooms and this place is awesome.  I will admit, I didn’t find a ton that I would actually print but there were enough good ones to make this list.  The poster to the right will hopefully go in Regan’s rustic woodland room someday.

Make + Model ‘Sleepy Time’ Lounge Pants are seriously the most comfy pants I’ve ever worn.  I also recently got the sweats from the same brand…so amazing!  Wait for a big sale- I got mine for less than $10.

Salt Water Sandals   4fd23119c902452679e9d2a451fb5322I know, I know it’s not even summer yet.  I have wanted a pair of these since last year when I ordered them but they were the wrong size.  I don’t own these yet but red ones would be my first choice, with yellow and purple as my runner ups.  And I can’t wait to buy them for a little toddler girl someday. 🙂

Enamelware 324.0015has been an obsession of mine for a few years now, even though I only own a few pieces of it.  These mugs call my name…but they aren’t mine.  West Elm Market also introduced a line of enamelware that is amazing.  Someday.  My etsy cart is filled with random pieces of this stuff and I’m always sad when they get bought.

Etsy is seriously my favorite online retailer now.  I can’t get enough.  I have the app which leads to even more browsing…and there are not only tons of amazing things to purchase but also tons of inspiration- I hear myself saying “I could do that” often although sometimes it’s so much easier to just click a button and pay for someone else’s hard work.  Eek.

Dream List #idon’tknow

I haven’t done a dream list in forever…probably because pinterest showed up and  I have a virtual dream list going at all times.  But, in honor of, um…February, and this unusually high amount of posts I’ve been pumping out I thought- heck, why not keep em rolling?

i've wanted this huge canvas for at least 4 doesn't help that it never goes on sale for less than $100 😦

animal (not pictured) and alphabet cutters...

Such a random cool idea- if you sign up for $10/month you get a fun beauty box filled with

anthro funnels. too cute.

i admit it. i have an addiction to washi tape.

a vitamix: the mother of all blenders.

i love this print- from KathyPanton on etsy.

and of only clothing obsession is Jos- quiksilver shorts- ah!

The Gap has colored chinos!! Oh...I err, Jos can't wait for spring!

Side note ** my husband totally googled my pinterest “wanna buy me a present” board and got me THREE of my latest wants for valentines day- a whirly pop and anthro measuring cups and a bowl.  He rocks my world!!!


Dream List: Fall edition

this jcrew hoodie screams fall to me...

west elm owl. too cute

i am torn between the golden color (for autumn) and the blue that would match the rest of the year...alas. (Pottery Barn)

Northface vest for jos..maybe in a dif color?

Sadly, this dream list is really short, because my other items didn’t want to load and after trying three times I am giving up.  Thus, a short Fall dream list.  Don’t worry, I’ll have my bday/christmas dream list up soon enough. 🙂



dream list: summer edition


beach bag

beach towel

pretty tape

a fav print

another beach bag...

for a certain little newborn...

a baby #2!!!!

my own beach