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these three.

I haven’t written about my kiddos specifically in awhile, so I thought…why not?


inspecting her belly button.  and jos is wearing a mermaid tail if you’re wondering.

I recently discovered, even though I think I’ve subconsciously known this all along- Regan can wear anything and make it look cool.  It’s bizarre how two boys who share all the same clothes now, can still look so uniquely different in the same shirt.  The other day I was reminded of this fact when I threw on Josiah’s ghetto old school shoes (that were for his uniform- not a shoe I would normally choose) onto Regan and he totally rocked them.  They actually look good on him.  It’s kinda hilarious.

Then there’s my daughter…who just doesn’t like clothes in general.  Most days she’s naked with a blanket wrapped somehow around her- or if she’s feeling princessie at the moment, then a tattered and worn tulle/satin combo will be falling off of her.  I won’t even buy more clothes for her right now, even when I see adorable things bc I know she’d rarely wear them.  We did discover she grew out of her tennis shoes and ordered some new ones- bubble gum pink…which she declared her princess shoes and literally wore them to bed last night.  So- that’s a win.

Now Josiah…he likes the monochromatic look…which we rarely actually let him out of the house in- lol.  However, if he were to dress himself he would literally choose one color for everything.  I started taking pictures because he did it three days in a row- and he’s so proud of himself too.  He also loves the rainbow look and would wear his rainbow socks every day if he could.  His leopard print glasses are going strong, though pretty loose so they are falling down his nose like his last pair…giving him a sort of grandpa look to him.  It’s awesome.

In other news…both boys are LOVING school.  It’s adorable to hear them talk about their days in the evening- Jos already has a “bff” which a little girl dubbed him as- and Regan cries when he has to leave each day.  Josiah says this school is more work but he doesn’t mind too much (yet!) and Regan is begging for hot lunch- because of the juice.

I feel like the whole move across country has bonded them together, but also highlighted their individual needs for space.  They are each different in how they want alone time…but they definitely all like it.  (just like me!)  I love that all three of our kiddos have somewhat of an independent spirit, yet they still enjoy people and love to be around them.  The boys are sharing a room in this house and both still admit that they’d rather have their own…but I think it’s mostly just Josiah that would love it.  He’s such an imaginative soul- he needs space to create his other worlds.  Regan is getting there though, definitely pretending more than ever… it’s one of my favorite parts of kids.

Last night I pulled Maya out of her room at 10pm because I heard her dancing around and snuggled her into my bed.  I started telling her a tale about a princess who was lost and had her rapt attention for longer than I’ve seen her sit still in forever.   It reminded me that while imagination is definitely in kid’s natures, it also doesn’t hurt to nurture it along.  I need to do more of that with Maya.  I also need to potty train her.  Even though I think it’ll probably be the easiest thing ever, I’m too scared to pull the trigger- lest it be way too hard.  Ha.

Ok. I’ve been working on this for days…so I need to just publish.



10 months later

Last August…besties hannah and josiah finger paint for the first time!

ten months later…they tried it again.

And…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BEST SISTER IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!! This is YOUR year- 26, pook!  Can’t wait to see you in just short 16 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

in a kid’s world

what i’m learning…

to a kid a warning basically means “you can continue”

they can read your face. don’t forget to smile, lots

anything can be taught and trained

if you tell your kid to do something/not to do something but don’t expect them to obey the first few times…then they won’t listen the first few times

if you ignore your kiddo, they will find a way to get your attention

kids appreciate boundaries…and praise

if you never give them juice, they’ll never ask for it

to occupy a toddler

I want to spend more time purposely playing with my toddler.  The fact is, he is a great independent kid- which I definitely wanted and trained in some ways; but it’s also his personality to observe and create and go solo.  I want him to continue being able to live life without me by his side every second, but I also know these are important years to imprint learning…

I know how easy I can foster knowledge and skills, just by providing simple activities for him.  And so, to that end, I spent a little $ and created an activities bin for Jos.  First I should say, I am no expert and there are hundreds of great blogs that share great ideas…I just literally went around my house scavenging and then stopped in a few stores to find things that caught my eye. And, I should be clear- these activities are not something we do all day or even all morning…it’s just for quick stimulating toddler time that I am hoping to do daily.

One thing I’ve learned (thru my teaching years) is that attention span is a powerful tool that can be used or abused.  Each activity will only be done for the amount of time he (or I, depending) chooses…sometimes 2 minutes, sometimes 20 minutes.  But then, the key is- putting it away!  I have found when kids have access to all their toys and stuff, they often ignore everything.  But when they are introduced to something- even when it’s old- it’s exciting and new again.  Plus it’s a great practice for “clean up” which is a much used song in our house. 🙂

I’ll try and add updates as I include other activities to the bin…but for now, here’s what I’ve started with.  Trust me: no rocket science here people.

Colored popsicle stick sorting

70 cent pom pom...oh the fun!

Plastic rings + old hook board = good coordination practice

more sorting (squishy foam squares) in a fun container 😉

he loves to put these little things into tupperware and put the lid on it. Dump out, repeat.

tip: get a dog. toddlers enjoy following it around everywhere. 🙂 great activity

next up: teaching jos how to feed his brother. 🙂 hehe

ps. when I say “sorting” it doesn’t yet mean, by color/shape… it’s just mostly means putting in and taking out…although I’m pretty sure if I took more time, he’d get “real” sorting- they are sponges people. (i am talking to myself!!)

pps. I finally put up a homemade felt board that doesn’t involve tacks a certain little boy can try to eat…I’ll show pics later.

a little sunshine in my pocket

I’ve sat down probably too many mornings to count, with the intention of writing a stream of conciousness post about waking up for the day…or rather, should I say, being woken up.  But I am glad that this morning I am actually following thru.

I am happy that I am writing this morning because it’s the first time in 5 months that I woke up before my dearest little son.  Yes, he slept thru the entire night.  I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to cuddle him this morning- as if I was on a high…and then I realized, it was a sleep-thru-the-night high.   *side note here- he is sick, so this may have been a fluke but i’m claimin’ it today!*

I feel alive this morning.

I should offer a little background about the week I had…but I’ll just sum it up with a few phrases…very sick toddler…way more snotties than i’ve ever seen soak thru my shirt as he laid on me many hours…middle of the night coughing fits…sick husband who was just as helpless for several days…followed by regan and I getting sick at the same time…ugh ugh ugh.

Even if I hadn’t had the week from um, down under; I’d be psyched about Regan’s latest feat…however, after said week; it’s like THE BEST GIFT ON THE PLANET.  Especially since I’d been dreading Bart’s work trip this week, as I’d be left alone with one recovering toddler and a poor sick baby with no back-up.

It’s amazing what one night will do.  Hope.  Light at the end of the tunnel.  It tastes like the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had…and  better than a shopping spree.

And whether this is the first of many or just a fluke…I will relish it.  I will drink it up like fresh mountain spring water and perhaps tuck a little bit of this feeling away in my pocket for a tough morning; so I can remember the beauty of a full night’s sleep.

Thank you Jesus.  Thank you Regan.

*special side note:  While I realize 5 months is a normal amount of time for a baby to acquire the ability to sleep thru the nite…Jos did it in 2 months- so it’s all about what you’re used to :)*

don’t eat the dough

Ha!  Did you read my title and say to yourself “well, I eat the dough”.  If so- then GOTCHA.  I eat cookie dough too actually but this post is about play-doh.  I couldn’t pass up on sharing this festive fun even though Josi-bear isn’t of age to enjoy this kind of play yet.  Perhaps in a few years I’ll try my hand at making holiday scented play-doh…maybe.

If you are so inspired to create these fun flavors of play-doh, click here.

ten days until christmas

what i like about you

Meet one of my best friends…josi loves this gym- it’s a great workout for him…hehe

Nuk Bottles- now that he eats so fav!

the ever so tacky, but oh so incredible exersaucer...wish i had gotten this last month!

Carol's Daughters- GREAT hair products for african american curls/fro and smells good too

The Ultimate Crib Sheet- a life saver for easy crib changing... my least favorite chore

The nose best friend...pretty gross but especially necessary when Josi has a cold.

I made a list right after Josi was born….my top ten baby necessities.  I thought I’d update it, 5 months later- a whole different list is needed now.  Alas- even though it seemingly never ends; it’s still the funnest job.

the biggest necessity of all...sleep (even if it's in Grandpa and Grandma's bed)