just a few little things…

Gosh.  My last post was 25 days ago.  This poor little blog is feeling neglected, but I just can’t bring myself to write.  There’s not a ton to fill these pages right now… a lot on the horizon but nothing happening at the moment, except little things…

…getting excited to really spoil Josiah for his 7th birthday.  His Christmas was kind of a dud, even though he never said a word about it- I just know.  And the big news on the block is that it’s finally time to introduce legos.  Leave it to my rainbow lovin’ first born to choose the Legos that are crazy and full of color- I love it!  I’m also psyched to order a butterfly kit, where he’ll be able to watch 5 butterflies go through their whole lifecycle.  He LOVES butterflies and crafts…I went thru the amazon craft section and could have literally put everything in my cart.  He’s so fun.

…also just tonight, we added scooters to our outdoor activity regime.  In truth, all our bikes have died basically, and scooters seem fun and easy.  So- they are debuting tomorrow and I’ll let you know if they’re a hit.

…all the grocery store flowers I bought the other week when we hosted people for dinner have died…but i’m discovering tons of roses in our backyard and they smell so heavenly. I’m trying not to cut them down all the time because I love seeing them outside, but gosh, they are so tempting.  Jos wants to bring them all to me, but for now I limit him to dandelions.

…no more school for regan.  his preschool was finishing mid-may and my parents are kindly coming to watch our chicks while we jet off to the glorious shores of jersey, so I thought i’d save us a few bucks and end preschool early.  but it is making me realize it’ll be a long long summer.  One word for the wise: if you ever own a house with a pool…never move into another house without a pool.  especially when you’re far from the ocean.

…i’ve discovered perler beads again…you know, the little tiny beads you arrange into cute shapes and iron to melt together?  Yes- and you might think i’m letting my boys partake, but no.  It’s just for me.  I’m making quotes with them…only problem is that I never unpacked my iron, so who knows when they will actually ever be made.  Sad.

…does anyone know when the new iPhone is coming out?  i’m holding out for the 8 because i read a (probably bogus) article that it would be debuting in the fall.  Anyone?

…today was SUCH a long day (read: josiah had a day off and I was tired) that I actually willingly gave my kids baths.  If you know me…you know, that had to be a bad day.

…but tomorrow is a fresh start.  Right Jesus?

fill in the blank friday

1. Enjoying grocery shopping is something that I never thought I would do, again.  But its happened folks.  I don’t mind it at all, and actually sometimes look forward to it.  I do miss grocery delivery though…like for when I was sick for a week.

2. A current fashion trend I wish I was brave enough to wear a one piece…jumper…but I think that won’t happen until I lose 70 pounds…if ever.  I just think they are so cute on people.

3. My greatest accomplishment in life thus far is following Jesus…and keeping my children alive and well.

4. If I had to choose between a mountain or a beach vacation I’d choose beach vacation, every time.  Though, I do LOVE mountains and love living in Redding where I can see them again everyday, like my childhood.  But I miss the ocean, so much.

5. A talent I wish I had is that I wish I was naturally good at painting or cooking.  I suppose a love for cooking would be helpful because it’s not hard and I can do it, I just don’t enjoy it as much as I think I could…and I love painting but I’m not an original with it- and that’s the best part about a painting.

6. A talent I do have is decorating.  I LOVE to decorate…and I love the challenge of different houses and rooms…though, our current house is not inspiring me at all.

7. This week was pretty tough physically because of a fast/cleanse I did…but my time with Jesus was so sweet- that I’d choose it again and again.

8.  I am looking forward to next week…SPRING BREAK and headed to my parents for the week with the kiddos.  Bart will join us for Easter weekend.  I would never want to fly with my 3 kids alone but driving for 11 hours doesn’t seem as daunting.  Ha.  We’ll see what I think after next week.

randomania #348

I randomly find myself decorating our house for Christmas in my head and dreaming up paint projects that I should do right this minute for December?!  Weird.  I’m guessing its the direct result of skipping Christmas last year.  Never again.

Bart started work this week- which should have been amazingly momentous for me as well, but alas, we are all sick and so…I did good for one day but not today.  Now I’ve realized that my sickness might be compounded with seasonal allergies- which I forgot that I get once every time I move to a new place.  Alas.  Just popped a benadryl and might not finish this post.  Ha.

I’m sending one kid to school tomorrow if it kills me.  Josiah is finally better enough and while I hate the thought of waking up early to take him, it needs to be done.  With grandparents and sickness, he’s been out over a week.  Oops.

Speaking of grandparents- we had a great time with them last week!  The highlight was definitely Burney Falls, which I’d never heard of.  It’s only an hour away and is the most beautiful giant waterfalls…amazing, seriously stunning.  My boys weren’t super impressed; the picnic that followed had their hearts.  But Maya is still talking about the waterfalls, waterfalls, waterfalls…she’s a parrot on repeat like, tenfold.


Burney Falls…seriously beautiful.  LOVE!  If you visit me, I’ll take you here.

So we also got to enjoy a hotel pool since my parents stayed in a nearby hotel…I can’t imagine why they wouldn’t want to be stuffed into our already small house.  ha.  It was great and terrible to be at the pool…wonderful bc the kids loved it but it also made me sad…I miss our backyard pool…gosh we were so spoiled.  Anyway, it was lovely to explore a new town with my parents and I think they were quite impressed with Northern California.

It’s great too, because I get to see them again in a month…as we are planning on making the trek up north for Spring Break/Easter.  I haven’t been home for Easter in probably ten years or more, so I’m very excited!  My kids will get to experience my dad’s resurrection hunt for the first time and my family will get to see Maya’s Easter dress in person.  LOL.  Yes, that’s really the funnest part of Easter besides Jesus resurrecting- you think I’m kidding.

I just bagged up over 1/2 the kids toys yesterday.  I don’t think they realize their toys exist now that we don’t have a playroom.  Plus we’ve been terrible with screen time so I need to put a lockdown on that soon…after we are not sick any longer.  But yeah, it’s bizarre…Regan is the only one who consistently plays with toys- and his rotation includes transformers and super wings and the occasional car.  Thankfully the weather has been beautiful and they’ve been outside a lot the past few weeks.

Josiah and I made his planet for school today- Uranus.  It’s pretty pathetic but heck, he did it himself, so I am proud of that.  He still has to write his report and draw the thing…but at least the 3d model is finished.  Phew!

My mom brought me the most beautiful thing last week…her mint green typewriter!!!!  I SO CANNOT WAIT to play with it..and use it as pretty decoration someday too- if we get a bigger house…with a spare side table. Ha.  But it’s so pretty.  If I had a picture of it, I’d upload it this instant.  Thanks A MILLION mom.














thoughts in my head #71

i just ordered all the supplies for josiah to make his planet for school (what would i do without amazon)…he chose uranus i think and thankfully it only has one ring.  so hopefully we’ll get it created.  the only hitch is it needs to be able to hang- alas.  side note: i sooo remember this project when i was teaching first grade.

weighed the boys today…49 and 51 pounds respectively… but they are a perfect example of muscle weighing more- bc dang…that 2 pound difference feels like ten pounds. cra crazy.  regan is sooooo solid.

my parents are coming this weekend- YAY! it’s bizarre that i texted them today, the week of…to ask them when they are actually arriving… no flight itineraries, confirmation codes and 4+ month pre-planning…just, we’ll be there saturday evening. so fun!

i’m making an old classic from my childhood tonight- shipwreck chicken.  except i couldn’t find bone-in chicken anywhere…so lame.  i had to ask my mom for a work around.

speaking of cooking- i’m trying to follow more recipes and last week tried two different new dinners…both containing mushrooms.  huge steps for me, considering i don’t like mushrooms.  but i think i might be working off that hatred.  it’ll take me awhile tho…

schools here have spring pictures? is that a thing?  just a cali thing?  i’ve never heard of it.  either way, i’m sticking to the fall photos from last fall bc they were darn cute.

the Voice has begun again and i just love alicia keys. i only watch for the judges.  i mean, the music is great, but seriously, the judges make the show.

my husband goes back to work any day now- i can’t remember if i mentioned on the blog here that he got a job!!  hooray!!!  but still no official start date.  we are all anxiously waiting tho.  i think it’ll be good for us…but i know i’m gonna miss him like crazy.  Its been almost 8 months of unemployment. wow.

it rains A LOT here in redding.  its supposed to be the second sunniest place in the country, so i’m waiting patiently (or not so much these days) for that part.  also hoping my dad has mapped out some adventures for us next week…so we can skip school and go play in nature.

family game night is finally starting to happen (minus maya-she’s a train wreck with organized things like this) and the boys love junior monopoly…we found a new one to add to the rotation- Charades Junior- which is awesome bc it has pictures for non-readers, such as regan.  if you have any suggestions, send them my way!

i had to get rid of all my spray paint collection when we moved…but i am finally in possession of a new bottle…fresh white matte…for a little project.  i can’t wait to spray.  i’m so weird.

staring a to-do list and the most menacing of all is ‘potty train maya’…i have a feeling this will probably be relatively easy but i just can’t get myself to pull the trigger.  she’s soooo ready.  why am i so weary?



tag you’re it

1. What’s your Starbucks drink?
It used to be an extra hot white mocha 1/2 flavoring but now it’s a grande americano with cream.  I think i’m becoming lactose intolerant in my old age.

2. What movie do you like better – Lord of the Rings or Starwars?                                                   Lord of the Rings…unless I can say neither.

3. What’s your token fall fashion item?
Probably a sweater cardigan or some kind of close toed shoes.

4. Your cable is out and the TV fairy is allowing you to pick one boxed set to watch, what show do you choose?
My cable is always out.  I think I’d rewatch Parenthood or Gilmore Girls.

5. What’s your favorite ice cream flavour?
I like caramel and coffee and peanut butter/chocolate but not altogether.

6. What’s your go-to food when you are having a bad day?
Sugar.  I love sugar.

7. You get to choose a free trip, do you choose a beach or city vacation?
Always the ocean…with lots of good food and good books.

8. What’s the first thing you do when you get home from work?
My home is my work…but if I’m out during the day, first thing I do when I get home is change into comfy clothes.

9.  If you were granted one wish, what would it be?                                                                               I would love to have one far away friend visit every other weekend, throughout the year.

10.  What quote is blowing your mind right now?                                                                                   “Physical obedience brings spiritual release.”  Kris Vallotton


a wishlist for maya

Because I’m not spending $ right now…I window-shop online sometimes.  Here’s what I’m loving for Maya lately-in case anyone wants to buy her something. lol.



a birthday post…just a tad late

*So- Maya’s 3rd birthday was in November, but I failed to write a birthday post for her because, well…our house had just gone under contract and we were moving across the country.  But- even though I haven’t done a baby book for her yet, I will not shirk her birthday love.  My dream is to sit down with each kid when they are a little older and read each of their birthday posts to them…in my mind we laugh and cry and it’s super memorable- in reality they might possibly be bored, but I’ll love it either way.*

Happy 3rd birthday my dearest daughter.  You are 3.  It’s official- you’re not my baby anymore but that won’t stop me from cradling you like one.  I love your cuddles; on your terms, of course, but I will take ’em however they come.  I think this is the year we really bonded, you and me.  You are the sweetest little human…your whole face brightens when you smile and even when you don’t, your features are just too cute.  Your dad is your hero and your favorite person in the world still…I know why- remember, I chose him first.  It’s so amazing to see the bond you two have, and I’m beyond grateful because I love being close to my own father and I hope that for you too.

At the moment, you’re so obsessed with all things princess that its hard for me to remember back over the last year…but you did have a dino phase, thanks to your brothers.  You love carrying around toys everywhere you go.  You love playing with Regan most of all, yet you admire Josiah so much.  I sometimes catch you staring at him…it’s so sweet.  This last year you moved into a big girl bed, which you promptly ignored because you favor hard sleeping surfaces I guess.  Every night we’d put you to sleep in your bed and every morning we’d find you on the floor, usually in a corner or a closet… sometimes I’d just put you to sleep on the floor so you didn’t have to move all your bedding to the carpet later.  I love that you still use the same baby blankets that you have since you were born.  The corners are all so destroyed, but you don’t mind- I suppose I could call them well-loved.

Your facial expressions are like none other.  You are so expressive in the funniest, weirdest ways.  We love the way you walk…with such unique movements- for no one but yourself.  I have no idea what you’re thinking most of the time.  You are strong and you know what you want but slowly you are learning to bend here and there.  You laugh so much and I love the adorable sound it is…your whining was over the top this year but that’s mostly because we dumbly let you get away with it.  Ha!  This was the year I began to style your hair…the process not a favorite for either of us, though I loved the pigtails.  The torture actually led to your first big girl haircut.  This was also the year you fell in love with dresses and tried refusing to wear anything else.  I really love when kids start deciding on styles…but I also really love dressing my adorable little girl…so, compromise.  I bought more dresses but forced jeans on you sometimes because your little legs are so cute in them.  You are choosy with shoes, just like me and you love bows in your hair..unlike me.

Your little voice is so adorable.  We understand most of what you say these days…except what you learn from Regan.  Ha!  I love the way you’ll come find me when you need a snuggle and I love opening your door in the morning or after a nap to see how and where you’ve slept.  I love your dimples and your tiny teeth…your big feet and sweet girly hands. Even after three years, I’m still in awe that I get to have a daughter.  You are so. much. fun.

Love you forever sweetie mymy…

love Mommy