I found myself in the middle of the baby toy aisle at Target yesterday and realized…this baby girl is different.  I’ve purchased a baby toy here and there but never because I needed to- it was mostly because I thought they were fun.  But Maya…she needs them- you know the kind that keep a tiny baby occupied…the ones that crinkle and have soft parts and usually involve a mirror.  Yeah, I think we have owned two total between both boys and sadly I can’t find them.  And believe me, she needs to be distracted in the car- she actually needs those toys that everyone hangs off their car seat handles.  My other two could have cared less- and still can sit happily in the car with nothing but the open road to keep them occupied.  She’s a girl.  Ha!

Maya is the chattiest baby I’ve ever met.  She started babbling so soon, I almost couldn’t believe it.  She also started moving sooner than my boys too.  Right now her favorite thing to do when I lay her down for sleep is to roll over so she can watch me and giggle.  Unfortunately she can’t get herself back over onto her stomach (we call that turtled) and thus, she is only happy for a few minutes before she gets annoyed.

One of my favorite things about her is that she doesn’t have poop explosions.   You know the kind I’m talking about moms…up the back, nasty, 20+ wipes or just straight to the bath.  Gross.  My theory is that it’s because she’s a girl…different parts…but according to my friends with girls, it happens to the best of them.  I just got a nice little pooper this time.  Bahahaha.  Either way, it’s a welcome change.

Myty’s laugh is so awesome.  It makes us all smile.  Josiah makes her giggle the most, and he loves it.  He also has the talent of getting her quiet if she’s whiny and with the amount of times he calls her beautiful; she’ll never have a self-esteem problem.

Her hair makes me smile every single day.  Someone asked me last week what I did to it when we go out/dressed her up…I chuckled.  There isn’t a darn thing that will tame it right now- so “wild style” is her game.  She gets lots of comments on her crazy hair…or at least the amount of it.

I love the way I forget and then remember what babies learn.  Today I was kissing her and realized that soon she will kiss me back- well who knows how soon, I actually have no idea when that happens!  And now when I go in to get her after sleep she smiles and giggles instead of grumpy hungry tiny baby wake ups.  I love watching her try to get up on all fours, even though it terrifies me that she’s starting so soon.  I love watching Josiah’s excitement when she grabs a toy from him now- he claps and squeals excitedly- so precious.

Yesterday we had a warm day finally so Maya was in just a onesie and her cute chubby little legs are my favorite.  One more reason to look forward to summer.  Baby girl bathing suits?? Rompers??  Tank dresses?  I mean…gosh, girls are fun.  Sometimes I look into her next size clothes bins with such anticipation.  I know, I’m a dork.

For all the sleep I’ve lost lately because of our princess, I can’t help but be thankful for the precious life that is my daughter.  I am still in awe that I get to be her mom, that our boys get to have her as a sister, that pretty soon I get to put her hair in ponytails…ha!

Needless to say, we are loving our little princess.


lilac hopes

Perhaps it’s because Maya slept through the night  and Josiah’s new alarm clock actually worked correctly…or because I noticed the lilac bush in our backyard is starting to bud…whatever it may be, I feel hope this morning.

I remember watching that lilac bush through the winter, remembering the beautiful blooms it had when we moved in, thinking it was definitely dead, definitely not going to bloom again ever.  It seriously looked that desolate.  And somehow I knew that if it did bloom again, joy would come with it.

I’ve been through a dead season.  It feels pretty lonely and pretty hopeless but I knew change was coming.  Sometimes looking forward helps and in this case, I kept looking at that lilac bush- the one outside the very window I’m staring at right now.  If that thing could bloom again, with all the freezing and snow of this winter, then so could I.

God loves to walk us through seasons of dying to ourselves- and while I don’t often enjoy the process, I do believe in it, in the power He has when I say yes…even when I say no He is still moving.

I cannot wait to see what this next month holds.  I cannot wait to see this lilac bush in full bloom and I am praying it happens before we move.

we are moving

We signed a hundred papers today.  We drove to our new house and threw some paint samples on the walls.  Contractors are checking out every nook and cranny as we have to repaint and refloor the entire place.

We aren’t leaving NJ.  Don’t freak out.  We are just lugging our stuff a few streets over…but the biggest excitement is that we actually BOUGHT the house we’re moving into.  YEP!  The girl who said she’d be fine with never buying a house has now jumped into owning a home for the second time.  But, it feels good.  It feels different.  Well, right now it feels very surreal.  And we’re not actually moving into the house for another month but we did buy it today, so it’s official.  Heck I even ordered a stamp with our new address on it.  That means business.

I know I use this term a lot…but I think we’re headed into a new season.  This house is perfect for us.  It’s got enough bedrooms for everyone and we have plans to finish the basement to add a few more.  It has amazing natural light which is a big must for me.  There’s a pool, which I never wanted but I’m actually pretty stoked on it now- hoping it’ll attract people…our own little built-in community builder.  It is fully fenced in which means heaven for my dog.  We get a garage again…oh how I’ve missed garages.  What I love most about this house is that there isn’t extra space…it’s small enough that we’ll still know where each person in the family is, at any given moment.  I really like that.  I hope it fosters a close-knitness among us as the kids grow.

However, the most amazing room in the house BY FAR is the playroom.  For several years I’ve always dreamed of having a playroom that had doors- specifically french doors.  I think the idea of just being able to close those beautiful doors instead of cleaning up at night appealed to me…but I don’t think I actually believed we would find a house with them already made.  But WE DID.  The room is probably supposed to be a formal living room or sitting room, but heck, who needs that?  It’s a great size, has floor to ceiling windows on one side plus several other windows, and cathedral ceilings!?!?!?!  Could it get any better??!  It is centrally located and absolutely perfect in every way.  In all my idea swirlings with the house, this room has captured my attention the most.  I cannot wait to make it an experience.  My only plan so far is to create more of a “center/station” driven room, rather than walls filled with bins of toys.  I’m drawing on my classroom experience and brainstorming an art center, a reading corner, a sports area, a puppet theatre/dress-up station…you get the idea.

God is so kind.

Can you tell I’m excited?  I think the 2nd room that has my heart would be Maya’s nursery.  I haven’t yet had a chance to really go for it, in terms of decorating her room, since I knew we’d only be in this rental until May.  I have SO MANY things and ideas that I’ve collected over the last year and can’t wait to pull it all together into a sweet vintage girly haven.

Oh and I just discovered FOUR hydrangea bushes in the backyard!!!!  Made my heart skip a beat.  On the other hand, the holly bushes made my blood pressure rise.  Oh well.  We own another house- what?!?!?!

I could keep writing and writing…those of you following me on pinterest- I apologize for the non-stop pinning.  I’ll take a break soon.  Until then…

lake house

confessions of a mom of 3

I have failed.  I loved doing these confession posts when Josiah was born and even after Regan joined our family but this time around I feel like I’m not even sure what other moms with three kiddos do…so I don’t know what is normal and what is confession-worthy.

I did realize that I still haven’t written out Maya’s birth story.  It’s on a long term to-do list along with those tasks that take hours or at least a lot of calculated minutes.DSC_0045

I spray every single piece of clothing she wears with stain remover.  Of course, we ended up using different formula for each kid…and this one happens to be the biggest stain maker.  So lame since Maya has the cutest clothes.  Thankfully the removal is going well.

I thought I’d be more excited to dress a girl…but in these days where it’s still cold and I’m longing for little rompers that show off her baby leg chub, I just keep putting her in zip up pjs.  Seriously I can’t stop.  When I run out of them, then I’ll put on an outfit or two…and a dress on Sunday…but otherwise it’s straight pajama clothing right now.

If I can’t get to Maya fast enough and she’s sad, I use Josiah.  He has learned a plethora of ways to say her name in sing-songy ways so that she’ll stop crying and stare at him.  It’s great, unless he is yelling Maya the paya (which is his version of maya papaya) at the top of his lungs in the car.  Lovely.

DSC_0018 DSC_0004

I THINK she is a thumb sucker…which is a bummer in that we’ll someday have to break that habit, but it’s WONDERFUL in the whole self soothing aspect of sleep.  So, I’m psyched!

I kinda wish she had a crib that was three times the size of a normal one.  She moves a lot when she sleeps and I think what wakes her up is when she gets stuck at the edge of the crib.  I’ve dreamed of a whole full size bed with railings for her.  heheh… don’t worry, I wouldn’t.


One of the reasons I can’t wait to move is so we can have door frames and I can hook up the Johnny jump-up.  I think Maya will love it.  She’s a mover and a shaker.

I’ve never multi tasked this much in my life.



in between sips

I’m quickly sipping my coffee while it’s still hot, but with a rare moment sitting at my computer in the morning…I thought I’d try to write a post.  Sweet baby girl interrupted my REM twice last night- as per her new normal- and my body is not quite used to it yet.  While I am grateful she slept through the night for 2 months, I’m wondering when that will come back…or even just one wake up?  I keep telling myself it’s all normal- I just got very blessed in the beginning. Ha!

Coffee sip number two.  Still hot.  My sons are playing together- often for longer spurts of time- which is such a gift.  It’s not without running interference from time to time, but still, it’s fun.  Yesterday morning it snowed before I woke up (thanks to my husband I got to sleep in!!!) but this morning the sun is beautifully soft with clear blue sky and makes me hope that Spring beach trips are right around the corner.

Sip number three.  I continue to scour thrift and antique stores for the perfect desk…which I haven’t needed since selling the old one in Missouri.  But our new house doesn’t have a built in computer spot, so I search.  I asked for a price on one yesterday and the guy suavely quoted me $100 while at the same time boasting of it’s sturdiness- except that as he spoke he touched the desk and it wobbled like a 7.o earthquake.  Hilarious.  Needless to say I gave my company line- “I’ll think about it”.

Sip number four.  I have a routine of packing about 2 boxes a day.  It’s a good pace but sometimes leaves me feeling unaccomplished.  I keep reminding myself that there are 3 humans in my care besides my to-do list… and they are happily enjoying the plethora of empty boxes to play inside.  I have almost quit the laundry because I’m sooo tired of our laundry room and because I can see a light at the end of the tunnel- aka: a new laundry room- it’s hard to continue.  I am enjoying the empty feeling though.  It is a constant reminder that change is coming.  A fresh start.

Sip number five.  I hear Maya.  And my dog is whining from somewhere in the house which means she is trapped.  And Bart is leaving in a few moments for a two day work trip.  So…that’s all the coffee I get for now, and all the typing I can do.

quirk attack

i haven’t written about my boys in awhile…and i really want to remember this time in their lives- as i feel like it’s all kind of a blur for me most days.  they are seriously hilarious in their own ways and i just love love love their quirks.

I actually started this a month ago…so things have changed but not enough to skip publishing this.  Plus I added some more.

regan has always been our weirdest (in a good way) and just recently has become the attention grabber…whether it’s for good or bad reasons…he knows what he wants.  he loves to throw anything but is learning the different between a stuffed animal and a ten pound brick- you know, which one is okay to throw.  he loves all things fish-related and pretty much ignores most other things unless there are wheels involved.  although he loves to play with balls and could probably play catch all day long, even tho he doesn’t actually catch.  oh, and the play kitchen…he fake eats all the time.  and the piano..he can’t stay away.  he is still super loud when he wants to be but he knows how to tone it down for baby sister and speaking of her, his obsessions are her nose and her hair.  every day, at least 25 times i’d guess, he touches her nose and hair.  he is also trying to win over the dog…he feeds brinks incessantly and then gives hugs and pets and pokes and then tries to tackle her.  his pallet is sophisticated…recently he’s grown a love for almonds and pistacios and loves most all red meat.  he breaks out in dance whenever any tunes come on and also sings any words he knows- especially in the car.  he is very sweet and cuddly when he feels like it, very shy when he encounters people he doesn’t know- it always cracks me up when people say that he’s so quiet…if they only knew.  he has recently started pulling chairs up to whatever he can’t reach- something Josiah still has never done…and since he can’t fully speak yet, there are lots of miscommunications going on- poor kid.

Regan now says “hair” or “head” and pats his head every time someone comes in the door.  They have no clue what to say back…it’s quite hilarious .

While I was gone Bart and boys brought back 3 sharks from the aquarium.  Josiah has a hard time naming anything very creatively which is so odd if you know him.  Anyway, a family friend named Bruce convinced Jos to name the big shark after him- which perfectly lines up with Nemo coincidentally.  So, when I returned home from my trip Josiah introduced his sharks to me but only one was named.  I thought it would be funny to name another one “Karen” because I have an aunt and uncle named “Bruce and Karen”.  The third shark I threw out the name “tooty” just to see what he would say.  He kept saying no, nahhhh to both suggestions so I thought I was out of luck but the next morning when he was looking for his sharks he called them “Bruce, Aaron and Tooties”.  However, he then started saying “k k Aaron” because of how I enunciated the “cu” sound so much trying to get him to say Karen.  Alas.

I love the way Josiah is enamored with his baby sister, exclaiming that she’s just adorable, and so cute and on and on… and then the next moment he can’t be bothered.  It’s so random.

Ok, I meant to keep going, but life happened.

grand ideas

I get these grand ideas all the time.  Like for instance, this morning- when I noticed the change jar was getting really full I thought it was the perfect time to teach Josiah about coins and practice sorting.  Of course, there’s Regan too…but besides the occasional attempt to eat the money and subsequent cuddle because I told him no…he wasn’t so interested.

Josiah on the other hand, jumped right in.  I set up four piles and we went to work.  However, I forgot the clean-freakness tendencies that Josiah leans towards and realized about ten coins in that I was going to get tired of this quick.  Every other coin was dirty- especially the pennies which were his favorite.  Exclaiming “ewww yucky” about a million times coupled with attempts to “wash” them with baby wipes made me conclude that perhaps this wasn’t a great activity for him.

Grand ideas often pop into my head and lately they’ve been ones that involve getting tasks done that need to be completed.  I thought I would be one of those moms who has their toddlers folding laundry by this time, but teaching them to empty the dishwasher is hard enough.  And painting…I keep saying they get to paint soon but I cannot get up enough guts to follow through.  Maya is the wildcard so I never know if I’ll be hands-free enough to assist crazy painters.

I won’t bore you with all the rest of my grand ideas that failed…Happy Monday!