I should know it’s bad when I go to look for photos of Maya and realize this one from over a month ago is cute enough.  I have lots of phone pics but that’s infinitely more difficult to get to this little blog…or so I pretend.

I should also be ashamed that I was planning on doing monthly blog posts about this amazing little girl when she arrived, and um…I can’t recall if I’ve done any.  So, this is HAPPY 8 MONTHS- which technically was last Friday but who is counting really.  This is the first child I’ve ever gotten their age off consistently- I can’t wait to be rid of this whole “month” thing.

I should admit that I just recorded her new tooth even though she got her first one last month…and since that first one, three more have shot through.  She’s probably the least tolerating of the whole process and tylenol has been our friend lately.  It’s so funny how you get used to a gummy smile and then teeth appear and you forget what a toothless grin looked like.  Every time.  It’s so cute though, why are tiny teeth adorable?

Speaking of her smile- out of all our babies, we’ve had to work the hardest for her  smile.  We joke that she won’t give it out simply because we smile at her…we really gotta earn it, except for when she wakes up from naps.  She doles out smiles and laughter really well then.  But it’s always worth it, no matter how long it takes- because her whole face lights up.  She has the most adorable dimples in the world and her eyes crinkle, her nose scrunches…precious, oh so precious.

Maya is a mover.  I’ve never had a baby start crawling at 6 months.  It’s insane and weird.  I’m a big fan of slow learners.  Ha.  The funny part is that she can crawl, pull up on anything, walk along stuff, climb stairs…but she can’t hold her bottle up to feed herself.  She LOVES to be moving and at this stage every single thing goes in her mouth.  Thankfully we’ve never gotten out of the baby/toddler stage so we don’t own small-enough-to-choke toys and I’ve just decided we won’t for awhile.  And I literally think I’m gonna turn around one day and see her walking across the room.  That girl is going places.

Her time in the jumperoo is definitely the most entertaining.  She loves to jump hard and swing around and laughs or yells most of the time.  It’s perched on a ledge so she misses the stair sometimes but just keeps going.  It’s hilarious.  She loves her brothers- they probably make her smile the most.  She is teaching Regan to share…something he hasn’t had to do much.  And in turn, Regan is taking advantage of someone to boss around.

I just love her chubby little thighs and sweet hands and beautiful dark skin…she is growing way too fast, but I am grateful for the gift of who she is to our family.  It just hit me the other day that we only have 4 months left of formula and I realized how fast this year has gone, even though it’s felt like the slowest year on the planet in other ways.

I bought her some pajamas last week that say “Read to Me” so I will be reminded that I should read her books.  Our only avid reader happens to be the one I read books to the most as a baby…Josiah.  I also bought her some fresh new bottles that are bright pink- she’s gotta be tired of all this blue and green. heheh.  And just recently I started playing Praise baby and Baby Signing time dvds for her- which she LOVES.  It is so funny tho- while Jos was always comatose as he watched, she is so different.  You can actually see her eyes follow every movement on the tv and if you say her name, she actually responds.  Is this the beginning of the differences between boys and girls?  Hmmm

I tried painting her nails for two seconds before I realized I have a hard time even cutting her nails, so why would I think polish would ever have a chance to dry on her sweet little fingers?  Silly me.  Baby girl swimsuits are still my favorite thing to buy- so. darn. cute.

I’ve started rambling.  Anyway, all that to say, we love you so much maya.  Josiah and I were discussing full names the other day and he listed off everyones…josiah henry farrell, regan ocean farrell, krista joy farrell, barton kevin farrell and when I asked what his sister’s was, without skipping a beat he replied: maya papaya farrell.

So, maya papaya farrell…you’re the best.


everything is awesome

The title is a reflection of the latest movie we watched- the LEGO one.  That song is so stuck in my head that I bust it out all the time.  It’s right up there with do you want to build a snowman.

Anyway, I thought it was time to offer a few awesome things I’ve been enjoying lately…


Seriously this gelato screams deliciousness and is sooooo smooth, I cannot even begin to describe the amazingness.  What’s funny is that we had a friend gushing about it a few weeks back and then not even a week later, our dinner guests brought it for dessert.  We have tried many flavors but our favorites are Caribbean Coconut and Sea Salt Caramel.

The Art of Arranging Flowers is not as good as my favorite book about flowers, but its really really good-  a cute entertaining heartfelt read.  And it’s not a how-to about flower arrangements, although I would read that too.


I kinda took a break from nail polish for the past few months, mostly because having a baby around means I can rarely find enough time to put it on, let alone let it dry.  But, my obsession is revived a tad after finding the most beautiful fresh pink color I’ve ever seen.  It’s called OPI Mod About You.

rosa-yellow-wallpaper_2About a month ago, one of my favorite artists came out with a line of wallpaper.  I died.  I have a few ideas for small areas in my house that could use some lively statements- aka: wallpaper.  Bart cringed when I told him my idea, but honestly after seeing Rifle Paper Co’s wallpaper selection…how could I go wrong?  This one shown is my front runner- what do you think?

Chasing Life is a really good tv show I just found recently.  It’s on ABC Family and is based on the life of a 24 year old girl who just found out she has cancer.  It seems pretty real so far and super interesting, not to mention entertaining.

popcornA certain friend named Jill (darn you, just kidding) brought a bag of this to my house a few weeks ago, and I may have secretly eaten almost all of it myself.  It’s delicious, low calorie and pretty natural as far as I can tell.  Its just really really really good.  Go buy some today.  In fact, buy a few bags because they don’t fill the whole thing and if you have to share, well…let’s just say you’ll be sad.


i will finish this post.

I just went through and deleted ten different partially begun blog posts.  This is tragic, mostly because some of them were really good beginnings.  But, that’s all they were- and thus I’ve moved on.  It’s kinda sad because I want to remember this part of my life and feel like this blog will help me do that…but at the same time, the lack of posts will remind me as well- of days when I couldn’t even complete normal household duties in a timely manner and how most of the time I want to crawl back into my bed for a few more hours, even minutes of precious sleep.  I’ll blog again.  Maybe someday I’ll get a laptop and spend hours in a bookstore pecking away at keys to bring together some coherently deep thoughts, but for these days- it’ll just be sporadic at best.

Currently in my house at 9pm, I am hearing the voices of 2 out of 3 children from their bedrooms.  I’m refusing to bend to their wishes for attention, even though I’m sure as soon as I finish this sentence I will.  But no, then I remember why I just deleted so many partially written posts…I’m staying right here…at least for one more paragraph.

Sometimes I don’t know why God gave us three children, so close together.  I mean, I love them to pieces and can’t imagine life without them- or when I do, it’s very sad but quiet.  People give me looks when I mention the amount and ages of my kiddos but I smile because I know we are blessed.  I mean, it’s not like it was an accident that we ended up with these babies.  Adoption is definitely not in the same category as an “oops we’re pregnant” but either way, God is in control and we chose to say yes three times in three years.  Am I crazy?

On good days I read stacks of books aloud in fun voices and make up adventures about animals and dress my kids in clean clothes and maybe even venture beyond our house walls.  But on bad days I linger on my pillow for much longer than I should and drink more coffee than normal while telling my kids to step back from the coffee aka: my lap where the cup rests…smiles come slower and dvds get turned on faster… pajamas stay on for days.  I literally sing a made up song entitled “I NEED YOU JESUS”, which also happens to be the only lyrics as well…and I sing those four words over and over, sometimes prettily but most of the time rather angrily and loud.  My boys have been known to sing with me, which thankfully always makes me smile, and usually melts my cold cold heart.

Ground hog’s day is a term I’ve begun using at times to describe this season of my life, but when I can see clearly, I know it’s not ever the same day over again.  I get to spend my days with three beautiful little humans who are growing and changing daily.  It’s so stinkin awesome to have this front row seat.  As their mom, I get more hugs than any other person, I get more face time with each one than anyone else on this planet.  How did I get so blessed?  I LOVE children, and always have.  I’ve always dreamed of being a mom.  Back when I was teaching, I used to sit at my desk sometimes and think up who my kid would be like, based on the students in my class.  I’d assign traits like “jokester”, “adorable”, “quirky”, and “leader” to my imaginary son and it always made me smile.

Its funny how strongly I want my kids to go to bed some evenings, but how often I lay in bed later on with thoughts of grabbing one to cuddle.  I pity myself for not being able to have a break these days, yet where else would I want to be at this point in my life?  It comes down to trusting in who God is and who He has made me.  I’m believing that even in all my weakness, my children will know true love.  That is worth it- thinking about them hearing His voice and feeling Him close.

Lately I’ve been wrestling with being completely honest on this blog for fear of being judged.  Don’t ask me by who- I don’t even know.  But I suppose in the end, I want to stay true to my confessions of motherhood.  It’s not easy or gloriously beautiful every moment, but I’m changing and so is my family.  When people shake their heads as they see 3 small humans attached to me, I shake mine right along with them.  When they say they don’t know how I do it, I say I don’t know either.  But I do know.




some little peeks


the entry way…foyer…whatever you call it.


my mission to add color to white walls commenced with this painting.


i LOVE styling bookshelves. This one isn’t finished, still tweaking but it’s good enough for now.


part of the living room…


dining room hutch…the rest of this room is a disaster…but this was a project i was excited about. the seller left this piece for free so i played with it.


by the kitchen sink. the most looked at windowsill in my days


eat in kitchen area…the most used area besides the playroom.

a room to play in

I am really bad at finishing rooms.  It’s like- inspiration hits me and I go go go…whether it takes me a few hours, days or weeks…and then I hit a wall.  And I’m done.  But I’m not really finished.  I just can’t do another thing in that room for awhile.  Yet, I hate sharing photos of a room undone.  Alas.  This is probably the reason we have lived in our house for 2 months now and this is really the first photos I’m uploading.  This room is the most lived in of all- the playroom.  I love it to pieces!  It has gobs of natural light and very high ceilings and two big cushy chairs.  I LOVE IT.  Enjoy a few snapshots…DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0006 DSC_0024 DSC_0026 DSC_0027 DSC_0031 DSC_0032 DSC_0033 DSC_0034 DSC_0037 DSC_0040 DSC_0045

to own a pool

First off, we NEVER in a million years thought we’d EVER own a pool.  I don’t say that lightly…it’s literally the truth.  In fact, I think I might go as far as to say I never wanted to own a pool.

Yet, here we are, the summer of 2014, owning a swimming pool.  It’s crazy.  My background in pools is  very limited.  I mean, I took lessons in them as a kid and swam in hotel pools when we traveled, but otherwise I didn’t grow up with any friends owning pools and never really swam in them much.  Then came my adult years and the realization that donning a bathing suit in front of the world wasn’t my favorite activity…thus bringing my pool days to a close before they began.  Don’t get me wrong, if I was held at gun-point I totally swam in a few pools but mostly I stayed away from them.

Which is kinda ironic now that I own a pool.  Still have the swimsuit phobia, but just figured I need to get over it because a body of water in my backyard is now the place my boys want to spend ALL their time.  This means I don’t have to spend all my time figuring out stuff for them to do and their dvd watching hours will greatly diminish, thus- pool time it is.  And I have to admit, it’s only been a couple weeks but I love it.

This morning was the first time the kids and I went in alone- and I admit it took some planning to figure out everything I’d need for 3 kids for 2 hours out there.   (I won’t leave the kids out there alone).  I brought towels and sunscreen, snacks and water, a book (ha!), my phone and 2 changes of boy clothes.  We swam until nap time and it was glorious.  And because of this amazing invention called puddle jumpers, I am not chained to the pool 24/7.  I can sit in a lounge chair and drink coffee- what?!?! and just watch my boys splash it up.  It’s grand, oh so grand.

After our morning in the pool and afternoon naps, we are heading to the beach…which I will admit, even though it pains me, will happen a little less frequently this summer.  Maya, at 6 months old, is at the annoying stage of crawling ha!  Just kidding, it’s adorable, but not so much at the beach.  Since I’m not gonna lug her exersaucer to the beach, we get to play a constant game of “keep maya on the towel” or “stop maya from eating sand when she crawls in it” or the third option- hold her.  It’s still worth it, for sure…but perhaps not as fun being the only adult.  I am grateful Bart gets home early enough many days so that we can enjoy a late afternoon in the sand together as a family.

Anyway, this new pool has me googling water workouts like mad.  I’m going to make this summer count.  I also plan on stocking up on meat and veggies so we’ll just continually keep the grill on…come on by, anytime!

DSC_0203 DSC_0247 DSC_0217 DSC_0216

the father

When I married Bart almost 8 years ago, I knew I was getting an incredible man.  I knew he was kind and compassionate, full of honesty and integrity.  I knew he was the funniest man I’d ever met and that he had such a zeal for the Lord that sometimes I wanted to punch him out- in a good way.  I knew he was sensitive and strong, sweet and handsome.

But I didn’t get to see the gems hidden below his surface until our first baby came along.  Bart has a way with babies…and it’s so precious to watch.  Some men shy away from the newborn/infant stage, but he doesn’t.  He jumps right in and has taught me so much along the way.  My favorite memories are of the way he tenderly figures out what each of our new babies likes, whether it be rubbing the nose, a butt pat, rocking, singing…you name it, he tries it and then lets me know the perfect tricks.

Just this week, I watched him with Maya…his tenderness is beyond compare- he loves her in a way that I cannot.  He wraps her up in his big strong arms and she knows…she is his.  I have said it jokingly, but I really believe that he is Maya’s favorite.  She searches him out in a room, she lights up when she hears his voice and comes alive at the sight of his smile.  I don’t blame her.  The way he patiently waits to figure her out is such a sweet example to me.

Yes, Bart is an amazing dad to all our children, but lately, I’ve been in awe of the way he tenderly loves our sweet baby girl.  It’s a gift.  I’ve never claimed to have it all together in any area of my life, but mothering has been one area I fail at constantly.  I’m human, and I am trusting the Lord to redeem my shortfalls…but I do know that redemption often comes in one instant.  The moment my sweet husband plucks our little daughter from her crib and rocks her to sleep, showering her with kisses as he soothingly speaks love over her…I don’t have to fear- our children know love.  They have been blessed with a dad who knows his Father, and trusts in Him completely.

Bart reminds me consistently of the way the Father loves me.  I have been blessed to grow up with a wonderful dad who still loves me deeply…even 34 years later.   He has always been an amazing example of how my heavenly Father loves me.  But as I watch Bart parent, it gives me yet another view of who God is- and how tender my Father is with me.  I am so grateful that my children get to grow up with this view in front of them.

Thank you dad for loving me so well.

Thank you Bart for loving our children so incredibly.

Happy Fathers Day to my favorite men.  I love you.